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Why use Vorteil?


Run your virtual machines with only the hardware your apps require. Various benchmarks have displayed the Vorteil kernel's ability to outperform other operating systems running on machines of far higher hardware specifications.


Designed to run on all major platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and VMware/ESXi. With Vorteil, your preferred platform is always an option.


Vorteil offers a significantly higher level of security, with a smaller attack surface than alternative operating systems. Additionally, each app is entirely contained within it's own virtual machine, which provides even more beneficial security implications.


Kernel / Operating System

This is the engine behind the scenes, running your apps quickly, securely, and efficiently. Vorteil has been written from scratch to provide only the functionality your apps need to run, using a microservices architecture to minimize the resource and administration overhead requirements.
Command Line Interface

Developers can use the Vorteil Command Line Interface (vcli) to build apps directly into virtual machine images using the Vorteil kernel / operating system. The vcli is available for Windows, Mac/OSX, and Linux, so your developers can get up and running no matter what desktop environment they prefer to work with.

The Vorteil Repository (VRepo) provides storage and version control for all of your apps using Vorteil, and integrates with vcli for a smooth workflow. VRepo supports additional features usch as Continuous Integration hooks; this allows users to automatically trigger build processes the moment a change is made to an existing app.

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