Sisa-Tech Vorteil

A portable cloud operating system & management platform

Vorteil is the next evolution in the unikernel / microkernel / micro-services kernel technologies, and supported by our Management Platform, it ensures simplistic application packaging, rapid deployment, and auto-scaling within a private or public cloud.

  • An OS based on the Unikernel/Microkernel concept
  • A pure Cloud OS, developed from scratch and not cloned or forked
  • Supports enterprise type-1 hypervisors such as VMware ESXi, KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen
  • Supports popular type-2 hypervisors such as VMware Player, VMware Workstation, Oracle Virtualbox and QEMU
  • Running in a customer or service provider private cloud
  • Running in a public cloud provider like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
Find out more on the Vorteil web page.

m.reports for EMC©SRM & Watch4Net

Don't miss any SLAs anymore!

m.reports native application built as an complimentary interface to the EMC SRM performance management solution. The m.reports application connects via SSL to the m.reports application server. The m.reports application server will interpret the EMC SRM reporting interface and data structures and present this in a m.reports mobile application data format.

The data is compressed at time of transfer between the application server and the mobile unit and also encrypted for additional security. The m.reports mobile application will then render the graphics and charts based on the data. The out-of-the-box reports and charts available are dependent on the application server configuration. The client capabilities of the m.reports application include: Graph rendering based on line, bar, stacked and pie charts, time-based zoom using the gestures capability of the iOS, push notifications from the application server for alerts, report dashboards for report favourites, email from any report within the mobile application.

  • Mobile Access to EMC© SRM/W4N
  • Push Notifications Alerts
  • Powerful API
  • API Documentation
  • Zoom & Pinpointing on Graphs
  • Effortless Sharing
  • Custom Reports Supported
  • Easy to Use
Find out more on the m.reports web page.

m.monitor for EMC© Smarts

Reduce your meantime to repair!

Sisa-Tech's m.monitor leverages the underlying capability of the EMC Smarts solution to consolidate events, notifications and topology information from a broad range of technologies within a managed environment. It mobilises the capability of the EMC Smarts solution; empowering engineers, operational staff or executive-level – anytime and anywhere.

With inbuilt team collaboration features like in-app messaging, dial-direct and conference-call, it lets the workforce communicate easier to resolve issues faster. It offers integration into geo-location solutions for geographical views of the environment and constructs the physical, VLAN and IP topology for the managed environment within the mobile application.

  • Mobile Access to EMC© Smarts
  • Advanced Collaboration
  • Push Notifications for Alerts
  • Follow Events & Get Notified
  • Geolocation Information
  • Powerful API
  • Dashboard Examples
  • Easy to Use